Driving Range

“Range Anxiety” is a fictitious condition suffered by all potential electric vehicle owners¬† (ACTUAL Electric Vehicle owners do not suffer from this condition).

Range in any electric vehicle is simply a feature of battery capacity and how hard the vehicle is driven Рhowever battery capacity equals weight and additional cost.  Additional weight impacts performance whereas cost is simply a factor of your resources Рand both need to be matched to your individual requirements.

The Arcspeed Sports has been designed with maximum battery pack selection flexibility in mind. The high capacity, Lithium Phosphate batteries are located in a secure and temperature controlled compartment in the floor of the cockpit. They are constantly monitored by a Batrium Technologies, advanced Battery Management System, that monitors and automatically controls their charge and discharge rates, as well as their temperature at all times.

There are additional battery storage compartments in the car where additional¬† batteries can be located – if required. The standard battery configuration of the Arcspeed Sports delivers 150 kilometres of range with regular road driving. If you were really pushing the car’s performance on a track, you can expect less. Additional batteries – providing up to 300 kilometres range – can be fitted at additional cost and with slightly degraded performance (due to the extra weight.)

At all times, the advanced vehicle montioring systems will tell you exactly how much energy you have remaining and a graphic range display is shown on the iPad GPS Navigation system.

Electric car owners just need to think of their Arcspeed Sports just as they have become accustomed to thinking about their mobile telephone – it needs to kept “charged up”…. and use needs to be monitored – just as you do by watching your petrol fuel gauge now – but instead of having to visit a petrol station to fill up, you just plug your Arcspeed Sports into the power when you get home or where it is convenient.

Remember three things with electric vehicles:

  1. There are infinitely more power outlets than there are petrol stations – and massive EV charging infrastructure is being developed and deployed across the world.
  2. If you are totally inattentive and run out of power – it won’t happen instantly like it does in a petrol engined car – you will simply start to “slow down” and you will get plenty of warning.
  3. You need to plan your trips just as you do with your petrol car. Knowing your range and having the Arcspeed Sports tell you how far it has left to travel on the current charge – allows you to plan better and enjoy stress free driving fun.

Future range extending options are being explored – including the use of a “range extending trailer” equipped with extra batteries and a turbine generator – effectively turning the Arcspeed Sports into a series hybrid for longer range touring – if required.