Advanced Driver Controls

Providing up to the second information is what everyone now expects.

Instant, easy to read, graphic information on speed, vehicle systems and battery and range status is obvious, but being able to have anything that the internet has to offer – at your fingertips while touring – is where tomorrow’s driver is heading.

With an integrated PC Tablet or iPad® designed and integrated right into the centre console, the car systems can be monitored through the secure in-car wireless networking systems, and external networks can be accessed via 3G connectivity.

Arcspeed – in our design discussions – determined that it was foolish to re-invent what was already readily available and already widely adopted by our potential customers with their Tablet PCs and/or Apple iPads…

With Arcspeed Sports you can bring your own entertainment and access the internet while on the move. Log-in to your corporate VPN, maintain a watch on your email, receive live traffic updates and view traffic cameras. With live 3G, integrated internet connectivity, anything is possible.

(Of course Arcspeed recommend the driver DO NOT use these systems while mobile…)