Australia’s First Electric Sports Car

Australian Designed and Manufactured

Australia’s first all electric sports car was designed and built using all Australian critical components – Drive Train, Battery Management and Vehicle Control Systems, along with local, innovative Body & Chassis Design and Manufacture.

 0 – 100kph in 3.8 seconds

Performance is a key design element key in the Arcspeed Sports Car.

522Nm of Torque

Unlike conventional internal combustion engines cars, the Arcspeed Sports can deliver ALL of this high power is available from the first instant you step on the accelerator.

Road touring or Race Track?

The Arcspeed Sports is a spectacular performing road sports car that can be used for exhilarating race driving on track days.

Driving Range

Range is a feature of the size of the Lithium Phosphate battery pack selected by each purchaser and the Arcspeed Sports can be fitted for either performance and/or longer range

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Recharging is currently performed by two onboard chargers that are supplied by standard household 10 Amp General Purpose Outlets – providing a full recharge in 4 hours. As fast charging standards are adopted, fast charging connections will be offered

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Left or Right Hand Drive

The Arcspeed Sports can be supplied in either Left or Right Hand drive models to international customers

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Advanced Driver Controls

With central Tablet PC or iPad mounting and an advanced touch screen driver display, critical driving, operational and battery management functions – as well as GPS navigation, in-car entertainment and live, on-line traffic updates – are all at your fingertips

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